Polymorph FAQs

What are Polymorphs?

Polymorphs are unique pieces of the blockchain that morph art and technology. Polymorphs are able to scramble the traits of the NFT to completely recreate the way it looks. These NFTs are also connected to and controlled by the xyzDAO and the native $XYZ token. This means that the future of the polymorphs project is up to the hands of the community and fully decentralized.

Where can I get a Polymorph?

Polymorphs are available on all secondary markets including the Universe.XYZ Marketplace (coming soon), OpenSea & Rarible.

How do I scramble my Polymorph?

Select a Polymorph on the My NFTs page and click the Scramble options button.

How do I scramble a single trait ?

Scramble single trait is the default selected option in the modal window after you click the Scramble options button on the My NFTs page.

Can you fully scramble your Polymorph only once or unlimited times?

You can scramble unlimited times.

What is an NFT genome?

A genome is a unique number sequence in code of the NFT that attributes to the different traits of a Polymorph.

Is there a fee to scramble?

The initial fee to scramble a single trait is 0.01 ETH. This fee doubles with each scramble.

The fee to scramble all traits is always 0.01 ETH. If all traits are scrambled, the fee to scramble a single trait resets to 0.01 ETH.

Will they appear in our MetaMask wallet?

You can view them on the MetaMask mobile app or any other app that allows you to view your NFTs.

Is there a list of traits somewhere?

We are working on a rarity chart that will change each time a polymorph is scrambled.

Do we own the commercial rights?

Yes, per the Terms of Service, art by xyzDAO is creative commons.

Is there a way to see if a Polymorph has never been scrambled?

A ‘V’ badge will be displayed over it on the My NFTs page.

Is there a way to see if a Polymorph has been single-trait scrambled?

A ‘S’ badge will be displayed over it on the My NFTs page.

What does it mean when a Polymorph does not have a badge?

All traits have been scrambled.

Are some characteristics rarer than others?

Having a complete set, partial set, being naked and being virgin are some examples that make a polymorph “rare.”

Do the clothing scramble also? Or just the items?

Everything. You can scramble one trait or scramble all.

Do they show up on OpenSea?

Yes. Polymorphs have been verified on OpenSea.

Is there a way to see how many times a Polymorph has been scrambled?

As of right now, no. You could check the address offering it for transactions.

Does the DAO receive the funds from scrambling as well?

The DAO receives all scrambling funds in the treasury.

How do I join the DAO?

By owning XYZ tokens and then staking them for voting power.

Is there a way to see how many of each character type were minted?

As of right now, the easiest way to see this percentage is on OpenSea. We are working on a rarity chart.

How do you place a value on your Polymorph?

That is up to the community to decide and speculate about.

Correct. Those are part of another drop coming later.

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