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Multiplier and Voting Power
The voting on xyzDAO will be performed with the non-tradable vXYZ tokens. To get vXYZ, you have to stake or lock your $XYZ tokens.

Below are described 3 use cases with vXYZ and $XYZ:

1. You can lock $XYZ for vXYZ.
    You can lock $XYZ for a period of up to 1 year and get bonus vXYZ.
    The bonus is linear — max 1 year, max 2x multiplier.
Example: - lock 1,000 $XYZ for 1 year and get 2,000 vXYZ - lock 1,000 $XYZ for 6 months and get 1,500 vXYZ.
    Bonus has a linear decay relative to locking duration.
Example: lock 1,000 $XYZ for 1 year and get 2,000 vXYZ at T0 - after 6 months the balance is 1,500 vXYZ - after 9 months the balance is 1,250 vXYZ.
    You can lock and the period is the same:
      base balance is increased with the added yXYZ
      multiplier is recalculated relatively to the new lock expiration date
    You can only withdraw your vXYZ balance after the lock expires.

2. You can stake $XYZ for vXYZ.

    You can stake $XYZ tokens without locking them. No bonus is applied. vXYZ balance = $XYZ balance.
    You can stake more $XYZ and get the same amount of vXYZ
    You can redeem your $XYZ tokens at any time.

3. You can delegate vXYZs to other users

    You can only delegate to one person at a time.
    Only actual balance can be delegated, not a bonus.
    Delegated balance cannot be locked.
    You can take the delegated vXYZ at any time.
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