Who is getting an airdrop?

-Discord Community Airdrop 6% (Discord Snapshot taken on February 25th, 2021)

-Community Bidders 2%

-Discretionary Airdrop 8% (100 People who helped along the way to make the Universe possible)

OG Contributors 9%

Airdrop Game Theory

We are introducing a game theory airdrop claim that was inspired by the Opium.Finance team. It will work as follows: everyone is entitled to their share of the airdrop. Let’s say I’m entitled to 10 tokens. When the airdrop claim period starts let’s say you will only be able to claim 3 $XYZ. You have the option to claim the 3 $XYZ and do whatever you want or you can wait for the full claim of 10. Say you claim early, and there will be a tax of 7 $XYZ that gets pushed to the others who have still not claimed the airdrop. Once you claim your $XYZ you'll be able to stake it in the SushiSwap LP or in the DAO staking once it is activated. This would be the tradeoff.

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