Basic troubleshooting

Commonly, there are a few things you can immediately do in order to remedy issues between the platform, your wallet or device.

Common Issues

  • Not enough ETH. (see what is gas?)

  • No notifications/prompt to your wallet. (see article about digital wallets)

  • Wallet not connecting.

  • Transaction has not confirmed. (see my transaction is stuck)

  • Transaction errors and failed interactions.

  • No connection

  • Storage issues

  • Data troubles

  • Display issues

Standard Solutions

  • Update browser, device and wallet.

  • Clear cache. (before the time you interacted with Universe)

  • Disconnect then reconnect your wallet to Universe. (if there are issues loading data)

  • Switch between the ‘Mainnet’ & any ‘Test-Net’ or ‘Side-Chain/Layer two.’

  • Adjust your VPN. (if enabled)

  • Enable third-party cookies. (if disabled)

  • Disable any adblockers. (they may prevent data transfer)

  • Allow popups (in case you are not getting wallet prompts)

  • Adjust advanced security settings. (they may prevent your browser from running the necessary jobs required to use Universe XYZ)

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