xyzDAO Overview

The following pages will have step-by-step walk throughs for xyzDAO as well as specifications on the actual tech of the platform.

Overview & xyzDAO is an initiative, which grants voting rights to the $XYZ holders and lays the foundation for Universe Protocol. Universe protocol is a social media NFT platform that includes minting, marketplaces, social tools, NFT tools, and auctions.

xyzDAO empowers the community by enabling decentralized decision making in the Universe protocol. It is governed by the $XYZ tokens and is the core component of the Universe platform.

For a better understanding of the idea behind take a look at our Whitepaper. In addition, you can view all our contributors on the team page. Follow us on Twitter, Medium and sign up for the newsletter to always get the latest updates.

Is there a Telegram/Discord group?

Yes, the link for telegram is here, however, most of the community conversation happens on Discord.

Are you considering L2 as a possible solution for improving gas fee efficiency?

Yes, we’re definitely looking at L2 solutions and their adoption across other protocols.

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