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Token Distribution

What is the token distribution?

The distribution breakdown is designed to facilitate the most decentralized protocol and make sure power doesn’t reside in the hands of a few.
$XYZ Token Distribution

How long is the vesting schedule?

The vesting schedule is designed so that there is not a giant cliff waiting over user’s heads at a specific point. The tokens allocated to the Founders, Contributors, and Advisors are locked in a smart contract that releases the tokens on a weekly basis over a two year period (100 weeks). The vesting period started with the launch of the Yield Farming mechanism.

How many $XYZ tokens are released each week?

As of right now, a total of 9,800,000 $XYZ tokens are distributed weekly.
  • YF Pools: 3,500,000; (20 Weeks)
    • AAVE: 500,000
    • BOND: 500,000
    • COMP: 500,000
    • LINK: 500,000
    • SNX: 500,000
    • SUSHI: 500,000
    • ILV: 500,000
  • USDC/XYZ SushiSwap Pool: 600,000; (100 Weeks)
  • $XYZ DAO Staking: 1,000,000; (50 Weeks)
  • Team: 2,400,000 ; (100 Weeks)
  • Contributors: 2,100,000; (100 Weeks)
  • Advisors vesting: 200,000; (100 Weeks)
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