How do I Mint NFTs with Universe XYZ?

Universe Minting is an easy to use platform that allows users to mint their NFTs to the Ethereum Blockchain. Single NFTs can be added to existing collections or a collection can be created for you to mint NFTs in later.

A walkthrough on how to create NFTs using the Universe Minting platform is below.

Walkthrough (Create NFT)

Click Products from the navigation menu and select Minting to navigate to the Minting page.

If you would like to use the pre-deployed contract then select 'Create NFT' if you need a personal collection then select 'Create Collection'

Upload your file. The supported file types are PNG/JPEG/GIF/WEBP/MP4. The minimum dimensions are 800x800px and the maximum file size is 30mb.

Enter a name for the NFT and then you can optionally add a description.

Enter the number of editions that you would like to mint. The maximum number of copies that can be minted is 10,000.

Choose a Collection for your NFT. By default this will be Universe Core. If you would like to add it to a different collection you must create the Collection first.

To learn more about how to create your own Collection, read this article.

Toggle properties on to add any character traits properties that you would like for your NFT. You may add up to 50 properties. You may also keep the properties toggle off.

Add the address(es) you would like the resale royalties to go to and the percent amount. Each address receives the percent you choose.

Click ‘Mint Now’ or ‘Save for later’.

If you select ‘Save for later’ you can finish minting your NFT by going to the My NFTs page and clicking on ‘Mint selected’.

After clicking mint now, a transaction will be prompted to your wallet for confirmation. Please, ensure to read all details about the transaction carefully.

The cost to send a transaction always fluctuates up and down. Sometimes it may take longer to confirm or cost more than expected.

Give your transaction a few minutes— depending on the network congestion and gas conditions —your transaction should confirm on the blockchain in under 5 minutes. You can track your transaction with the provided ID, otherwise known as 'transaction hash'.

Use Etherscan to track your transactions:

You should receive a notification from your wallet after your transaction is confirmed on chain. Additionally, you'll receive a screen prompt notifying you of a successful transaction.

From here you can navigate to My NFTs or Create more.

After you have successfully minted an NFT you can easily view the creator, collection and owner by clicking on their respective bubble via the NFT page, at anytime.

Congratulations, your creation is immortalized on chain for eternity! You'll always be known as the creator of your minted NFTs.

Step by Step:

  1. Go to the Universe Minting, and click “Create NFT.”

  2. Upload the piece of media you would like to mint. (MAX 30MB files)

  3. Enter the name, description and number of editions for the NFT. (MAX 10K NFTs)

  4. Choose a Collection for the NFT. By default this will be Universe Core.

  5. Add any properties for the NFT that you would like. (MAX 50)

  6. Add the address(es) you would like the resale royalties to go to and the percent amount. Each address receives the percent you choose.

  7. Click “Mint Now” or “Save for Later.”

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