How do I create Collections on Universe XYZ

Are you ready to create a personal collection with Universe XYZ?

Follow the walkthrough on how to create a Collection below!

Walkthrough (Create Collection)

Click Products from the navigation menu and select Minting to navigate to the Minting page

Select 'Create Collection' on the right side of the screen.

Upload a cover image for your collection and fill in the Collection name and Token name.

Adding a description is optional.

Note— You cannot change your Token Name or Collection Name after deployment.

When you are ready click ‘Create Collection’. You will need to wait for your transaction to complete on the blockchain before you'll have the ability to mint NFTs with your new collection.

Step by Step:

  1. Go to the Universe Minting, and select “Create Collection.”

  2. Upload a cover image for the Collection.

  3. Enter the collection name, token name, and an optional description.

  4. Click “Create collection”.

Congratulations! You're ready to create NFTs with a personal collection.

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